How To- FishTail Up-style

FishTail Up-styleWe found this easy, fast up-style on Pinterest that we think will be great for the Holiday season! Start practicing now!

-Start by Curling a few pieces on top for texture.
-Next, Gather all your hair to one side and Fishtail braid all the way down. Secure with a hairband.
-Then gently pull braid from side to side to loosen. Do this until its at desired width. Theres no right or wrong here. If pieces fall out it’s fine! It will just give it a messier look.
-Last, twist the Fishtail up and wrap it as if you were wrapping a bun. Secure the Fishtail with bobby pins until it feels sturdy. (This is visual, so play with the Fishtail and see which way looks best for you. You can twist it, wrap it anyway you want)

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