Meet Elizabeth Athetis, a stylist at Zynergy

air stylist-Elizabeth graduated from Toni & Guy Academy in 2005.

-Her specialties include the best freaking scalp massage you have ever had! (Literally) Working with Curly and ethnic hair. Professional straightening and whatever hair color suites your needs.

-Elizabeths favorite Hair products is Moroccan Oil. It is a treatment, protector, and shine enhancer all in one. And Bumble and Bumble curl conscious cream for enhancing your natural texture.

-Elizabeths Hair Tip-
The single most important and valuable lesson i have learned and can bestow upon others is to protect the integrity of your hair! If you fancy super heated tools that can strip your hair of moisture and luster BE SURE to use a heat protector! It will save you pain, suffering, unwanted trims, breakage, lack of shine, no shine at all, dryness, you get the idea. Just do it, man! One more tip! If you have been given the gift of natural wave…Enhance it! Show it off! Inspire others to do the same. But! If you love the straightness and it makes you feel great, just remember the tip above. 🙂

Elizabeth is outgoing, talented and always there to provide a good laugh. We love her and so will you! Call Zynergy today to book your appointment with her!

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