Meet Wendy Heyden, a Stylist at Zynergy

-Wendy has been doing hair for 20 years now and loves every minute of it!!

-She loves all hair types, but her favorite service is the Keratin Staighteners…”They can change a girls life and give her the hair she has always dreamed of!”

-When asked what Wendy’s favorite product is she answers, “too many to choose just one!” She currently loves the new Styling gel from Neuma. It’s thickening, volumzing and gives great shine and bounce to hair. She also loves Moroccan Oil Hairspray because it smells so good!! “There is just so many great products out there and it’s hard to choose just one…I can’t!” she says.

-Wendy has always loved the creative side of life and thinks there is nothing better than having the power to make someone feel beautiful. It’s Awesome!

-Wendy’s hair tip-
For those nasty flyaways…Spray a little in control spray from Neuma on them. Works wonders and doesn’t leave your hair feeling dirty or stiff. Another tip would be for you to come sit in my Chair and I promise to make you feel pretty..or handsome! 🙂

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